The Yellowknife Farmers Market is  connecting landowners to growers to encourage the development of food production in under-utilized spaces in Yellowknife. Our website maintains a listing of available land or greenhouses. If you would like to be posted in our listing please submit your listing. The Yellowknife Farmers Market thanks you very much for your commitment to increase local food production.


Landshare Agreement

The Yellowknife Farmers Market facilitates the connection of growers to landowners. It is up to the grower and the landowner to make an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both parties. The Yellowknife Farmers Market will not be held liable or responsible for any damages incurred or unforeseen circumstances as a result of the Landshare Program.

Landowners could choose to be compensated for the use of their space. It is up to the landowner to negotiate a reasonable compensation. The Yellowknife Farmers Market suggests 10% of weekly harvests to be shared with the landowner. It could also be a financial compensation, a simple donation or an exchange of service.

Should there be unforeseen events arise throughout the season; the Yellowknife Farmers Market encourages direct and open communication between the grower and the landowner.


Access to the Garden Site

Growers are accessing homes and personal spaces, it is imperative that landowners and growers have clear boundaries about what space is available for growing, watering and harvesting and when to do so. Should the grower require a key or need a code to access the garden space, it is up to the landowner to ensure adequate safety and protection measures.


Garden Development

All costs associated with developing and enhancing the garden space will be at the cost of the grower. It is up to the grower to determine what are the necessary requirements for food production. Growers could reasonably expect to incur costs associated with soil testing, additional soil, compost, and other enhancements.

The Yellowknife Farmers Market requests growers use only organic methods of food production. We can be a means for networking and sharing information in this regard for both growers and landowners.


Garden Maintenance

It would be expected that should the landowner have an animal that reasonable measures will be taken to ensure the animal doesn’t defecate or otherwise damage the garden beds.

The Yellowknife Farmers Market suggests a schedule be established that the grower upholds for planting, maintaining and harvesting the garden. For example Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 5:15 – 6:15pm could be one schedule. The days and times may fluctuate, during the first planting month and based on rainfall. Fluctuations with the schedule should be communicated openly and promptly with the landowner.

There will need to be an agreement worked out prior to the planting season as to compensation for additional water usage. The Farmers Market suggests that a set rate be established based on expected weekly water usage of the grower and the cost per litre of water to the landowner.

It is expected that the grower will take 100% responsibility for the care and maintenance of the garden bed. The Farmers Market encourages landowners to assist and support the work of the grower when possible. Should there be a shared approach to garden maintenance, it is suggested that the grower and landowner work out specific duties, including days and times.