Making the most of your crops

Today we will talk about a number of ways you can increase your yield.

Succession planting refers to a variety of planting methods to ensure availability of produce throughout the harvest season.  The methods are explained here: 

If you have the space inside keep seeding every week or so and continue transplanting as time permits; it can be really therapeutic working with your seedlings and soil.  Once you move to your outdoor spaces, continue seeding lettuce, mustards or Asian greens until the middle of July.

Season extending methods are key to more food production in our short season, find out some great tips on how to here Be aware of germination needs, for example, some seeds germinate better with light.

For those of you who want to maximize produce production for the market, a book about building a successful organic micro-farm by Jean-Martin Fortier, Les Jardins de la Grelinette , Quebec, may be a tool to add to your collection.  This book focuses on low-tech, high-yield production methods.