Have fun with starting your own seeds, it's easier than you think!

The space and time you have for your seedlings will determine what you will seed into.  If you do not have much time, you may want to use a flat production technique where you spread the seeds over a surface of soil and later on, transplant the best individuals to a development tray.  This technique is particularly useful when dealing with very small seeds, such as oregano and mixed greens.

You don’t have to purchase trays – recycle what you already have at home!  Choose containers that can promote good root development, that are easy to handle, and easy to clean and sanitize  Reuse the plastic containers you purchase food in at the store, a clear top and a dark bottom, such as roasted chicken containers.  These containers serve as a mini greenhouse which helps keep the environment humid and may reduce the watering frequency. The dark bottom absorb light and help increase the temperature of the soil.  Salad containers also work well.  

Proper watering (always humid; never saturate the soil with water), proper air circulation around the plants and ideal germination temperature for the variety of plant you grow are factors to consider to prevent the development of diseases.  Make sure your container can drain excess water.  If you use clear tops on your containers, do not forget that temperature will build up! Remove the lids when needed.

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