Time to start those seedlings!

Marvel at the unique development of various flowers and vegetables! Prepare your transplant to sell at the market!  Long season plants should have been planted a while ago. As the weeks unfold, it is now time to get the varieties that require 12 weeks and less before transplant. Tomatoes, peppers and short season broccoli and cauliflower should preferably be planted this week at the latest!

Choose seed varieties that require a minimum number of days to maturity to help guaranty a decent harvest. Yellowknife has around 123 frost-free days, not all of those are growing days (with periods above 5˚C). Be aware of plant requirements, read and follow packet advice.

Choosing seed is also part of making a statement about our food system, inform yourself about the seed grower and his growing methods. Here is a good place to start to understand the importance of seeds and find seed companies.

For more information on climate and growing tips, visit Yellowknife Garden Collective. The Territorial farmer’s website is also filled with resources.  One that is certainly interesting at this time is How to read a seed catalog.

University of Alaska also has helpful vegetable starting charts and more. Note that they plan outside June 1st, one to two weeks prior to us. Adjust to chart!